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We finally visited the Elisabeth yesterday. It is only a hundred metres from one of our favourites, the Auberge Frankenbourg. As the AF is shut on Wednesdays, we wondered how many of its customers had gone up the road to the Elisabeth, where the prices are similar. Interestingly, the chef only took up the profession when he was fifty, after many years as a manager. He has been there for three years, and has now acquired a Michelin Bib Gourmand. The 10€ menu of the day was reasonable – celeriac and jambon, pork chop and frites and rice pudding – though judging from the number of half-eaten portions cleared away, the dessert did not gain much approval. The 28€ menu was adventurous – although the chef obviously likes his liquidizer. The appetiser contained liquidized chestnut and bacon; the amuse bouche was liquidized carrots and cumin with a beetroot and melon juice; the foie gras starter was decorated with blobs of liquidized peppers as was the salmon with chopped ham and haddock; and the dessert had layers of creamy chocolate mousse and crushed fruits.

  • Foie gras de canard en mi-cuisson, feuille et garniture façon pizza
  • Pavé de saumon cuit en basse température, ventrèche (french pancetta), fèves au haddock à l’huile de noix
  • Minestrone de fruits exotiques et gelée d’orange, mousse au chocolat blanc, crème d’avocats, sorbet maracudja

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