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… to our occasional diary of our life in and around Entre-deux-Eaux since we moved here permanently in May 2002.

We hope this version of our web site is more pleasing to the eye and is also easier to navigate. To get to the main newsletter pages just select Home on the left. There is now more flexibility to add short notes, single photographs, etc; these will also appear under Home. We will still only be sending out e-mail notifications when there a full newsletter is posted.

For those of you who prefer to print out the main newsletters for reading in bed, etc. they each have a link at the start (or at the end for pre-2006 newsletters) which allows you to download the newsletters (no photographs) as full A4 pages as PDF files.

There are links to some of our Photographs and Videos, including some photographs of more recent restaurant meals. You will also find links to other web pages of our photographs embedded in newsletters. And there is a link to our Webcam which gives an indication of the local weather.

Real visitors are always welcome in Entre-deux-Eaux – we’ve plenty of room, having squeezed in a dozen or so in October 2006 – you might even get a mention in a future newsletter!!

The new design allows you to leave any comments you might wish to make. Just go to the end of the section you wish to comment on and you will find some boxes to complete – as can be seen below.

Hoping you find something of interest
Helen and John

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