This section contains various panorama scenes which have been created by joining several digital photographs together. In order to ensure the panoramas are not too large and therefore do not take a long time to load there has had to be a significant reduction in quality. You can move the panorama around and zoom in and out with your mouse or the controls at the bottom.

In the past I have used several different software packages to display the panoramas. Most required QuickTime/Flash but there are a lot of security problems with them. I have now converted all of the panoramas to HTML.

Select a panorama from the list below; it will open in a new browser window.

Hungary: Nagybörzsöny-Szent István-Church
Hungary: Ócsa Church, Hungary frescoes
Hungary: Ócsa Church from the nave
Hungary: Vizsoly Church frescoes
Hungary: Bélapátfalva Romanesque church
Hungary: Csaroda Romanesque Church and frescoes
Hungary: Tákos Calvanist Church 18C
Hungary: Kecskemét City Hall Council Chamber (1893)
Hungary: Pécs Main Square and former mosque-Church
Hungary: Kaposvar Main Square
Hungary: Szeged Synagogue built (1907)
Hungary: Türje Provostal Church of the Annunciation and frescoes
Hungary: Ják Church by artificial light
Hungary: Ják Church by daylight (dim interior)
Hungary: Hidegség parochial church and frescoes by artificial light
Hungary: Hidegség parochial church and frescoes by day/candlelight

Germany: Reichenau Island St Georg Church (10C murals)
Germany: Speyer Romanesque crypt of Kaiserdom zu Speyer (Imperial Cathedral of Speyer)

Portugal: Almendres Cromlech near Evora (stone circle-view 1)
Portugal: Almendres Cromlech near Evora (stone circle-view 2)
Portugal: Bussaco Forest near Coimbra

Romania painted monasteries: Humor Monastery interior
Romania painted monasteries: Putna Monastery interior
Romania painted monasteries: Voronet Monastery interior

Spain: Cordoba Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral
Spain: Cathedral Vieja (Old Cathedral), Salamanca
He’s always on the phone (facade of Ciudad Rodrigo Cathedral, Spain)

St Philibert Romanesque Church, Tournus (panorama)
Bennwihr (Alsace): l’église Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul modern stained glass windows
Champ de Roches (Field of Rocks) near Barbey-Seroux, Vosges
Saint-Dié: The only factory designed and built to plans by Le Corbusier
Saint-Dié-des-Vosges: Interior and exterior of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Saint-Dié
Saint-Dié-des-Vosges: La Tour de la Liberté
In the woods near col d’Anozel
Viewing point at La Bure Celtic site, near Saint-Dié-des-Vosges

England: Bluebell woods near Lilley, Hertfordshire**

Early spring in the orchard (daffodils and “cowslips”)
Summer in the orchard
Churchill in the orchard – Oh yes – (how many can you see?)


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