Early spring in the orchard

Daffodils and “cowslips” in the orchard at 7pm on 13 April 2010. We have always called them cowslips but they are most probably oxslips (Primula elatior). They were common here in the fields in our valley but becoming less so as the fields become more heavily farmed and now regularly fertilised; the autumn crocuses (colchicum) are also now much less common. We planted the daffodils in the orchard. They are not the native, much smaller, jonquil found higher in the Vosges especially around Gérardmer (Gérardmer has a biennial jonquil festival with jonquil-decorated floats parading through the streets).
If you click on the image and hold down your left mouse button you can drag the image around in all directions. You can use the Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out

Click this link Daffodils and “cowslips” in the orchard 7pm 13 April 2010 to view in full screen mode. 

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