Champ de Roches (Field of Rocks) near Barbey-Seroux, Vosges

The Champ de Roches (Field of Rocks) is now hidden in a pine forest just off a forest track about 15km SW of Entre-deux-Eaux (Google maps satellite view). The large blocks of granite are in a roughly rectangle area about 40 by 400 metres and are about 7-8 metres deep. There is no definitive answer to the formation of the field but it is assumed to be due to glacial action. However the rocks do not show any scuff marks so can only have travelled a short distance; sudden melting of a glacier could be an explanation.
In earlier times local people moved some of the rocks to create boundary walls around the nearby land which they farmed but these are now not so easy to see since the area has been planted with trees.

Click on link Champ de Roches to go to the page containing the 360˚ panorama

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