A decoration for your tree

E2E Christmas 2010 decoration

This is a rhombicuboctahedron (a.k.a. a philosphere) about 9cm across created from the 360°x180° panorama of our snowy orchard currently at the top of the Home page. This photograph shows a test build, printed on ordinary paper, and rather hastily put together! I should have folded (or scored) the triangular sections before starting glueing. I should also have left the big top and bottom flaps to make it easier to stick and to give it more rigidity. When cutting out the two pieces leave the white areas either side of the triangles as glueing tabs. You need to leave tabs to join the two pieces together.

On photo-quality paper and with folds

the two pages

To the left is a version printed on photo-quality paper with scoring along the folds. To download the PDF file (about 3.8Mb) to print the two A4 pages right-click on the righthand image or on Christmas_2010_decoration.pdf and select Save link as/Save target as.

Great-spotted woodpecker decoration

Great-spotted woodpecker decoration

Great-spotted woodpecker

Great-spotted woodpecker - click for full image

We have great-spotted woodpeckers eating the fat balls in the feeder hanging on the kitchen wall. I have made a decoration based on this photo so you can have woodpeckers on your tree. To download the PDF file (about 1Mb)  right-click on the righthand image or on woodpecker_decoration.pdf

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