La Table du Gourmet – Riquewihr

We had planned to go to the Blanche Neige for lunch. We left a final decision until late morning as there had been snow overnight and in the morning and weren’t sure whether even the main roads would be driveable (this flurry of eating out is because there is only a limited overlap of time with our usual eating companions, Roger and Dorinda being here and Helen going to the UK). We finally decided to go but on telephoning, discovered the BN was exceptionally shut as the chef was giving a cooking course. So, after some discussion we went over to la Table du Gourmet in Riquewihr which R&D had visited once last year.
The trip over the Vosges was snowy but it started to disappear as we dropped onto the Alsace plain and there was none to be seen down in the vineyards. The room was a dark crimson with very low beams – even the waitresses were ducking. There is a panorama of the interior ( – and it will then be obvious why the photographs have a pinkish-red hue) After some dithering we all opted for the 38€ meal with a bottle of Pinot Gris from Sipp Mack.

Table du GourmetClick on the photo
Tartelette Flambée en Mise en Bouche
Dégustation de
Bâton de Foie gras de Canard sur Asperge du Pauvre, Aigre-doux au Gewurztraminer
Presskopf comme la Grand-Mère, Bouton de Fleur de Pissenlit
Omble chevalier du Val d’Orbey, un peu Fumé, Feuilles et Fleurs, Crème Battue à la Livèche
Sandre masqué de Feuilles aromatiques, cuit à la Vapeur,
Pommes Charlottes « Comme un Baekeoffa »
Huile essentielle de Persil Simple au Lard
Volaille fermière d’Alsace aux Feuilles Aromatiques,
Bouillon Moussé au Gewurztraminer
Vacherin glacé au lait Citron et sorbet Fruits rouges Confits à l’eau de Vie

A meal we all found enjoyable and well presented (but not really with the variety of different tastes we enjoy at the BN). My sandre was slightly bland and really needed some well-flavoured vegetables other than the potatoes. A restaurant we will probably re-visit although I have my concerns that the much of the content probably having been preprepared rather than cooked to order.

And afterwards we went to Sipp Mack in Hunawihr and each bought a case of the Pinot Blanc Reserve 2004.

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