If you click on the image it will take you to the webcam page is updated automatically every few minutes during daylight hours.

The picture shows the latest available webcam image; the webcam looks southwest from the attic window towards Saint Leonard over the corner of our orchard and over one of our fields.


Webcam looking south-west over one of our fields

The page also includes another webcam showing a thermometer displaying the current outside temperature (the probe is about 6m above ground level) and readings from our solar panels.

You will need to refresh the web page (F5) to update it. If the image is black then the webcam may be still working and hopefully it is just the night scene (but if it is working properly during darkness it should show a message saying the camera is offline)!


One thought on “Webcam

  1. mmmm can you turn the camera a bit.

    Just returned from 2 weeks in anglesey, horizontal weather featured a fair bit.

    David and allison have sold the zoo and set up 100 yds next door with sea salt business. I was helping with the move

    see you soon maybe?

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