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There haven’t been any restaurant comments added here for some time even though we’ve been eating out! We have been going back to old favourites quite often and it didn’t seem worth adding them….and then, even when we visited new restaurants, we got out of the habit of commenting.

However, there have been significant changes at our favourite restaurant of several years, the Blanche Neige. All the serving staff we knew well, from our frequent visits, left during 2008. Thomas the manager was the last to go and by lucky accident we were there during his last week in December. Then I discovered last weekend the chef had also moved on in July 2009. We’d been at the Blanche Neige in August and noted some changes – mainly reduced menu options, increased prices, and the saltiness but there was no visible indication of any change in the kitchen!

The original chef, Mike Germershausen, and his wife have now opened their own restaurant in Marckolsheim and we visited a couple of days ago. He seems to be building up a regular trade already which is not surprising as the prices are more reasonable and the restaurant is more accessible from Colmar and Selestat. The food and presentation are much the same, but slightly simpler. He said he found it a bit odd at first as the restaurant mainly served pizzas under the previous owner. When it re-opened the pizza eaters came expecting their usual food, were surprised by the menu and left again. Auberge de la Ferme Hueb, Marckolsheim

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